Friday, June 6, 2008

The petting zoo turns into a radio interview.

Playing music on the street in New York City is a lot like being an animal in some sort of messed up petting zoo. Don't get me wrong we subject ourselves to it, but it is a very strange experience. Some people love you, some hate you, some come up and just touch you...really, no shit, dude just rubbed my shoulder and walked away! I like to think that maybe that's his way of saying he really liked our music.

While it is always strange, some really great things can come out of it. For example last week DiMaggio and I had finished playing The War of Art when this cat walked up with a little voice recorder. He proceeded to interview us about C Phineas, our influences and of course politics. Turns out he recorded us for his radio show on WFMU called "The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon." Listen to our social commentary, live performance and a clip of Memory Lane on WFMU.

Well it was a dope day in the park and we'd like to thank Clay Pigeon for putting C Phineas on. Who knows maybe next time we hang in the park Anderson Cooper will walk by.

Catch you soon - Chris

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